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Our proven, hands-on, approach to building large-scale applications is core to our success


Our senior team has worked together since the early 1990’s. We’ve experienced all the potential and pitfalls for creating Always On selling campaigns and customer services.

We provide a combination of consulting services and engineering. All are aimed at helping our clients catch up to their customers’ journey. Stay at it, and soon enough you’ll have an Always On brand

Today’s Always On Customer chooses brands that provide services and personally relevant offers in real time. Being an Always On Brand is difficult. Customer data and content – building blocks for services and marketing – are often locked in departmental silos.

Tango Modem frees and organizes data and content, making them available in real-time. Without replacing existing technology platforms. Tango Modem will help create a data integration strategy that fits your needs.

The result:

Brands that keep pace with today’s Customer.

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Michael Basone

President, Salesforce Practice

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Together we assess what your customers needs are now and in the future. Develop an execution plan prioritized by customer value, ease of implementation and cost. With an emphasis on unlocking data and content from existing platforms that are too embedded and expensive to replace.

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