Calculating Random

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In the last century, new technologies have completely transformed the way in which people consume information. Our generation has quickly accelerated through radios and televisions to the almighty internet – the king of modern day content. Curating the boundless and ever increasing information on the web quickly became a task too great for any man, so, we teach machines to do it for us.

Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify all battle in the upper echelon of music applications – a field where the champions are determined by the quality of code. While each boasts a particular strength, Spotify, in my opinion, has emerged as the best. From giving users the ability to listen to a playlist created by a former president, to personalized music discovery features, to a shuffle that simply works better, Spotify’s UI is amazing.

Check out this article from Spotify Labs to find out more about how Spotify uses three lines of code to strike a balance between mechanic perfection and human expectation.