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"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life."
Bill Gates
"The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life."
Bill Gates

URSA – Spotify Meets LinkedIn Meets AllMusic

Today’s streaming services have changed the way we listen, but in choosing to focus almost entirely on discovery and recommendations, music consumption has become more about playlists and algorithms and less about the Artists that make it.

Fans listen on streaming services but rarely get their Artist information and content in the same place. Ursa set out to build a platform that gives a complete picture of the artists users love.

To do this, Tango Modem developed a full-scale Music Platform, harmonizing hundreds of thousands of records to support a seamless user experience across multiple user types and channels.

In the “always on” world, you need clean data, and the system must fast.  The music industry is notorious for having inconsistent data formats. Since Ursa’s vision is to be artist-centric, it was critical to have clean, well structured music catalogs which artists could post photos, videos, liner notes and other types of content. And if Ursa was to compete with the likes of Spotify, it needed a present that data that was fast, and seamless to the user. 

Based on a MEAN stack, the URSA system includes a customized Headless CMS, and robust MongoDB data model, all built upon Node.JS application. 

For the platform, we built the ability to play music from artists, attribute roles for multiple users and present industry-related content through a flexible non-relational database.


  • Swift & Objective C
  • MongoDB
  • Node.JS
  • Angular.JS, 

THEBAR.COM – Multisite, Node & Angular Application

Diageo needed to roll out a new multi-site application for multiple locales. They called Tango Modem to build a global infrastructure to increase speed to market with standardized content and assets.

There is no one way to make a great Moscow Mule. Small differences with measurements and ingredients often reflect a drink’s origin, and region.

Diageo, the world’s leading Spirits company, has thousands of delicious drink recipes, and needed the flexibility to change content in different regions, without investing millions on a Recipe Management System.

To solve this, Tango Modem built them a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform, which allows Diageo to build, syndicate, and regionalize content for all their locales across the globe.

TheBar.com was built by Tango Modem to take full advantage of the services provided by this platform including: 

  • A Where-to-buy appliance, built by Tango Modem and rolled out for all brands. 
  • Nutritional data for each recipe including ABV, calories, and other required compliance data.


When Abra Auto, the second largest Auto body shop in the US, needed to rebrand itself, Tango Modem was brought in to build a unique Headless CMS to support their UX improvements, integrate with their new customer service applications, and establish their unique employee portal.

To assist Abra Auto, Tango Modem developed the APIs required to connect to their newly developed internal cloud services and operational layers. We worked closely with Abra’s IT department, defining the technical architecture to support both the website and intranet, creating a SSO solution, which tied Abra’s Active Directory to their intranet, making it easier for employees to log in.

We also implemented a new Location Finder, along with data cleansing to improve search results, driving more traffic to stores and locations.

Man Outfitters – Mobile App with Shopify Backend

Like many online stores, Man Outfitters needed a quick native iOS application to go beyond their website, and spread out to multiple devices and channels. By building direct connections to their Shopify APIs, we built a holistic shopping experience in weeks, not months!

Since Tango Modem is familiar with API-First Development practices, it was easy for us to build out a native iOS app, utilizing connections to Shopify’s open APIs. To ensure we had the latest information, we built real-time sync access into the system, pulling in pricing and other data changes from the Shopify backend.

No eCommerce solution is complete without connections to loyalty programs and coupons. Tango Modem was able to tie into the Smile.io, which supports both CRM and couponing. 

We also needed a quick was to search without having to rely on web-based search appliances. Tango Modem integrated with Swiftype.com for product search, providing the app with better performance. 


SAP needed a compelling, scalable sales presentation tool for field sales force that was easily updatable and showed the depth of SAP’s solutions.


Working tightly with our creative partner, Tango Modem helped build a consumer reference marketing platform. This visually engaging iPad app delivers approved customer reference content that’s warehoused in a unique, custom Headless CMS built by Tango Modem. Content is served to thousands of people around the world for sales, marketing, event and media opportunities.

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