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"It is particularly striking that 77% of respondents say that “business adoption” of big data and AI initiatives continues to represent a challenge for their organizations. This issue, and the low percentage of companies that have achieved data-driven organizations and cultures, suggests the need for a new focus. Respondents clearly say that technology isn’t the problem—people and (to a lesser extent) processes are."

Improving Customer Experience

Take a Customer View of their interactions with your brand

By thinking in terms of end-to-end customer journeys that span multiple channels, rather than isolated touch points

Identify high value opportunities where data could provide a tangible benefit and invest in those use cases first

Enable Customer Identity Matching

Bring together the separate pieces of data that have been collected on an individual customer by recognizing that they actually refer to the same customer.

Our Approach

Integrate Your Customer Data

Create a single customer view by pulling together all customer data available to you from different touch points. Customer data can include:

  • Demographics
  • Web and mobile browsing activities
  • Customer preferences
  • Sentiments
  • Customer support team interactions
  • Sales team interactions
  • Social media
  • eCommerce Transactions

Give Functional Team(s) Access to the Single Customer view

Functional team(s) have real-time access to this information, so they can deliver a consistent, innovative and relevant customer experience

Key Points

  • Don’t boil the ocean! Be realistic about the volume of data and how much will be relevant to the customer and sales associate interaction. 
  • Be targeted! Identify high value opportunities where data could provide a tangible benefit and invest in those use cases first
  • Be thoughtful about long-term benefits! Is real-time data adding enough value to justify the challenge associated with building and maintaining those feeds long-term? Maybe not. Use those funds in other places to meet your business objectives. 
  • ABC: Always Be Cleaning! Constantly review your processes for data quality and governance, especially with the ever-changing privacy laws. 
  • Treat your data like a product! Create a separate central data management team to own, groom, and grow your data management capabilities.

Data Integration Case Studies

Data Integration Hub (DIH)​

Diageo needed the ability to create consistent customer experiences and messaging across every Offline and Online channel. However, their assets and data were spread across multiple platforms making it massively inefficient, and expensive to maintain.

Working with critical stakeholders, Tango Modem led the requirements, technical designs, and developed a robust Data Integration Hub, giving Diageo the ability to distributed consistent product assets and content downstream across Digital, Print, and ERP initiatives.

URSA – Spotify Meets Instagram

The music industry is notorious for having inconsistent data formats, as well as not having a central location for all artist-related content. Ursa’s vision to be artist-centric drove our decision to create a one-stop-shop for all artist related data: well-structured music catalogs; photos; videos; lyrics and liner notes.

Tango Modem developed end-to-end full-scale Music Platform and Mobile Applications, harmonizing thousands of disparate records to support a seamless user experience across multiple user types and channels.

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