Tide Case Study

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Ever wonder how to remove a baby formula stain from your new sweater? Or a mayo stain from your blue jeans? Or even a grape juice stain from your tablecloth? Well, Tide has been here all along with the answers to all your stain related queries.

Over the past 20+ years and throughout the ‘digital revolution,’ Tide detergent has not only dominated the competition in sales but also in their ability to cultivate customer loyalty through helpful information services. Yes, a detergent brand from Cincinnati is a champion of content marketing.

Well before websites even existed, Tide created an automated 1-800 call-in line to aid customers in finding the right solution to remove any stain – recommending the use of Tide detergents of course. The ‘Tide Stain Detective’ hotline provided valuable stain removal instructions free of charge to anyone with access to a telephone.

As soon as the internet arrived, Tide seized the opportunity to provide their ‘Stain Detective’ services on this new platform. launched in 1996 (more than a full year before Google) and featured the entire ‘Stain Detective’ database, as well as other content to engage visitors – a ‘Dirties Kids in America Photo Contest,’ a page for the Tide Racing Team, a Spin to Win contest, and more. Now those in need of a remedy to spaghetti stains could simply click through various categories and options to arrive at the optimal cleaning procedure. 

In 2000, Tide released a downloadable version of the Stain Detective for Palm Pilot, making their stain detective database accessible on-the-go. A mobile first, pun intended. 

By 2009, Tide released an app called the ‘Tide Stain Brain,’ yet another spin on the original ‘Stain Detective.’ The app provided the same content as all the previous iterations, except this time users had the ability to tap colorful icons to find out how to remove ink stains from their khakis.

What are they doing now? Well, they already beat you to developing a skill for the Amazon Echo and are currently testing a Tide-branded app-based delivery service in Chicago.

From a robot telephone operator, to a computer screen, to a palm pilot, to a touch screen, and now with voice, Tide has utilized technology to provide the right people with the right content on the right device.

If a detergent brand from Cincinnati can figure out how to reach their customers in 2017, what’s stopping you?

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